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San Ysidro Ranch remains one of California's oldest and continuous running resorts and longtime premiere luxury destinations for the discriminating traveler. However, it may not be commonly known that one of the main attractions for the San Ysidro Ranch as a lavish hideaway is its historical tradition in welcoming the family pet. Stemming back as far as former owner Alvin Weingand's famed family of dachshunds in the mid 1930s, pets have often been frequent guests at the Ranch. At a rate of $100 per pet per stay, one's four-legged friends are welcome to enjoy the beauty and natural wonders of the lush gardens and 17 miles of hiking trails that the Ranch provides.

From the moment one arrives on property with their pet, a heartwarming welcome is felt. At the time of registration, one's pet may sign in alongside their owner in the Privileged Pets registration book and receive a welcome bone from the pet-friendly cookie tray on the front counter.

As one enters their free-standing cottage (Fido and his four-legged friends are only allowed in the free-standing cottages), Fido will discover his San Ysidro Ranch bedding as well as his own custom amenity that includes food and water dishes with water, doggy treats and a Bow Wow Beanies toy. An in-cottage gourmet pet menu is also provided on all free standing cottages.

While indulging in the quiet pleasures of an in-room spa treatment, one may offer their four-legged friend a San Ysidro Ranch in-room pet massage. Booked by the half hour, the treatment helps with blood circulation, aches and pains that Fido may endure after a long day of running and playing in the gardens. The cost is $75 for 30 minutes.

San Ysidro Ranch offers the following rules for guests and their four-legged family members so that everyone at the resort can have a relaxing and memorable stay:

Pets should always keep their parents on a leash.

Parents should pick up any "deposits" left by their pets.

No swimming or bathing allowed in the pool or bathtubs. According to health codes, pets are not allowed in these areas.

Be kind to the pet next door. Please no barking.

No restaurant dining (per health code)